mardi 31 mai 2011


We are going to Canterbury  on  Friday, June 3rd.

In Canterbury we can  see:
-a Cathedral
-a Museum
- a Post office
- a clothes shop
-a greengrocer's

In Canterbury we must buy :

-a post card
-a stamp
- food

In Canterbury we want to buy:

 -traditional tea
 -a mug with kate and william
 - a bowl-a key ring

mardi 24 mai 2011

To protect the environment

To protect the environment : 

I mustn't pollute:
I must turn off the tap when I brush my teeth .
I must switch off the lignt when I am not in the room.
I must recycle papers ,plastics,and glass.

I mustn't throw chewing gum on the ground.
Adults mustn't ride a car on short distances.
Adults mustn't smoke and throw their cigarettes on the ground.