mardi 7 décembre 2010


There are 2 weeks before the Xmas holidays.

The celebration is on December 25th.

They celebrate the birth  of  Jésus Christ.

People and children love Father Christmas because  he gives Xmas presents.

They eat turkey and Christmas cake.

mardi 30 novembre 2010


Thanksgiving  is a party in America.

They celebrate it on November 25th.

They eat pumpkin,corn,potatoes,turkey,stuffing,pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce.


                                                   The family celebrete Thanksgiving.

                                                               pumpkin pie

                                                        cranberry sauce

mardi 9 novembre 2010


HALLOWEEN is on October 31st.
People and children  dress up (witch,skeleton,ghost,pumpkin,bat...)
They wear hats,broomsticks,baskets.
They want sweets and chocolates.
They celebrate  the dead.
They have fun because it is fun!